In late spring of 2021 I sat on the used car lot at Bountiful Toyota. It was a time when used cars were in big demand because the chips for new cars were on backorder. I was a beauty, heartthrob  red with tan all leather seats. My trim was the top line of trim with a sun roof and all the bells and whistles. I had people come look at me but I knew that they weren’t going to buy me because I was waiting for Ann to find me. I kept whispering in her ear that I was waiting for her but it took her a whole month to finally find me.

Ann knew that she wanted a Prius but she started looking at the wrong lot in Murray, UT. Murray had no used Prius’ and their new cars were on back-order for a month. Whew. What if Ann hadn’t found me? Then on July 3 Ann came to Bountiful, a half-hour away from her home. I knew that she would love me, and as soon as she saw me, she did. I only had 4,000 miles on me. Once Ann knows what she wants there is nothing stopping her. She paid for me and took me home with her on the same day that she found me. Ann and I are buddies. She hardly lets anyone else drive me. Even Kent doesn’t get to drive me very often.

I have helped Ann figure me out. She just recently learned how to adjust the heads-up display in the dashboard so that she can see it. You see, Ann is short and she couldn’t see the information that I have to tell her. But then she figured out how to adjust the heads-up, now she can tell what the speed limit is and what speed she is going just by looking at the dashboard display.

Ann even splurged on SiriusXM and can listen to HER music when she is in me. She usually chooses the Garth Brooks Channel. When Ann gets in me she isn’t usually wearing her coat, silly girl. But, no worries, I have a seat heater for her, and boy does she love that. She gets nestled in to me and I cradle her while she does her important work.

When I was new to Ann she and Kent took me for a trip to Durango Colorado, just to try me out. With my Hybrid engine we got 60 miles per gallon. She and Kent went to the Bar D Wranglers event. Kent and Ann talked about all the times that they had gone to see the Bar D Wranglers in the past. They really enjoy these singers. It was fun that I got to be a part of it this time. Kent and Ann love to go to thrift stores. We went to every thrift store in the Durango area. They found some great clothes for Kent.

My best times with Ann are when she is caring for her family that has Myotonic Dystrophy (DM). I was there for Ann when she took Kent to ER early this year. It was during the Omicron variety of Covid and they wouldn’t let Ann be with Kent. They told Ann to go home or wait in her car. Ann won’t leave Kent’s side so she sat in me in her leather seat with the seat heater on while she got her composure. After an hour Kent called Ann and told her that she could come in to the hospital. I waited patiently for 10 days while Ann stayed by Kent’s side while he was in ICU. I was there to drive Kent home when they released him. I could feel Ann’s relief over Kent’s recovery.

It is so fun to hear Michael and Chad as they tease her. Michael called Ann today and told her to tell Andrea that her wedding gift is at the store. He’d be happy to tell her what it is and what store it’s at. Andrea just needs to go to the store to pay for it and then she will have her wedding present from him.

For the last two weeks Ann has been taking Andrea to a daily appointment in Draper. I got to listen to them plan Andrea’s wedding. The wedding was last weekend. I got to hear them talk about how the wedding went. Andrea was tickled with how small and intimate the wedding was and how her best friend pampered her by finding her dress and doing her make-up so that Andrea felt beautiful. Andrea and Mark – her husband 😉 were all excited over the recognition and festivities. They went away for their honeymoon but only stayed away overnight. They could have stayed longer but they missed their kids and their bed.

Kent, Ann, Michael and Chad went on a vacation to California last fall. They thought that I wouldn’t be big enough to carry all of their medical equipment so they left me home and took a Ford Expedition. I was so sad to be left behind. They are planning a vacation later this month and they have decided that they can rent a portable concentrator and that way they can take their vacation in me. I take such good care of them with my blind spot lights and my good mileage.

Michael and Chad are worried about being bored on the trip. Kent and Ann were able to find a power inverter that will change the cigarette lighter 12v to 150 watts. That way Michael and Chad can watch movies or play games. Even Michael and Chad’s dog Pepsi gets to come. Pepsi is their service animal.

We are all excited to be together for over a week. I might even get to drive along the coast on Highway 101 and feel the ocean breeze as it cools my engine and ruffles everyone’s hair through the sun-roof. Well, not so much hair anymore on Michael, Chad, and Kent.