About the Author

Ann Woodbury has always had a lot of energy and passion, especially where her family is concerned. So, when her husband and four children were diagnosed with a rare disease – Myotonic Dystrophy (DM) — in 1998, she channeled her energy and passion into understanding the disease and its effects on her family.

Ann has a Bachelor’s degree in Family and Child Relationships from the University of Utah. She is a part-time specialist for Salt Lake County Extension, answering nutrition and food safety questions from the public.

In addition, Ann ran a statewide support group for people with DM for 10 years. She is passionate about educating others, both caregivers and sufferers, about DM and its devastating effects.

Ann’s hobbies include  practicing yoga, watching select TV series with her husband, going to plays, making jewelry, cooking foods with good taste and nutrition, yard work and gardening

Surviving Myotonic Dystrophy is about Ann Woodbury’s journey as a caregiver for her family who were diagnosed with a rare disease – Myotonic Dystrophy (DM). DM is one of the most complex genetic disorders known, and is characterized by progressive muscle wasting and weakness.

Because this disease affects so many systems in the body, it can look like other diseases and is hard to diagnose. Ann Woodbury’s four children and her husband have DM. In 1998, at the time of the Woodburys’ diagnosis, even the doctors didn’t know all of the effects of DM or that it was a brain disorder.

Reading this book will take you on a journey of understanding this disease and its effects on Ann’s family members. Ann also includes tips and lessons learned to help caregivers maintain their own health and peace of mind while caring for loved ones who have DM or another chronic illness.

Mission Statement

My mission is to help those who are responsible for caring for others, whether as a caregiver, parent, medical specialist, etc., who are struggling with frustration, exhaustion, and difficulty prioritizing.

I’m an expert on this topic. I’m the author of Surviving Myotonic Dystrophy, I ran a statewide support group for people with Myotonic Dystrophy (DM) for 10 years, and I have lived it myself being a full-time caregiver for my husband and four children (now adults) who all suffer from DM.

I can help you through my book, my website, by speaking at your groups and events, and through coaching so that you can effectively prioritize, enjoy your life on a daily basis, and find new energy and motivation.